‘So, I’ve decided to take my work back underground, to stop it falling into the wrong hands.’

The above quote, from the beginning of the Prodigy’s ‘Music for the Jilted Generation’, is, as you may know, lifted from the film The Lawnmower Man. But in the true spirit of the Simulacrum, it’s not an audio sample from the film, but in fact is a recording of a similarly accented man to Pierce Brosnan’s character, speaking a close approximation to the line of dialogue. Copies upon copies… Compounded by a sort of meta referencing of a film that is about VR space, the ‘copy’ par excellence.

I’m embarking on the run-up to a possible PhD next year and the above lyric, or pseudo sample – popped into my head as the Mirror World’s representation of a sort of hero-researcher. Someone discovering something dangerous, revolutionary. Work that has to be hidden in order to keep everyone safe.

In reality it won’t be that exciting, and the struggle is really the opposite – you want your ideas and work to be seen, to be experienced as widely as possible. With this aim in mind and with some useful guidance from those in the know, I’ve decided to begin writing a blog.

I’m yet to distillate my weird and scattered ideas about art into something coherent and aligned with my practice. Current indications are that it would be research into painting, first and foremost, followed by simulacra, simulations, SF (science fiction) and surrealism. Possibly some computer games thrown in too. I’m yet to forge my own direction, but recently read ‘Simulacra and the Order of Mimesis in Dali and Glenn Brown’, by David Lomas1, and was slightly put out to discover that someone has already written so well (to my mind perfectly) about the subject I want to research. I’ll have to get used to that I suppose. And work on my harsh criticality.

Speaking of painting, I’ve recently been painting grass. Loads of it. For weeks. Picture attached….


I’ve spent so long working on this grass that I could have grown actual grass instead of trying to make a simulacra of grass using paint. I had in mind to finish this painting before heading off on holiday to Sonar Festival in Barcelona (the worlds foremost festival for advanced music), but it seems like I’m almost out of time.

In a weird case of worlds colliding, whilst I was in work today (non-art, bill paying work) there was a training session on writing blogs, delivered by a visiting academic from Swansea University. One of the main tips was to keep your blog posts short….

  1. David Lomas (2011) Simulacra and the Order of Mimesis in Dalí and Glenn Brown, Konsthistorisk tidskrift/Journal of Art History, 80:1, 23-45

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